Judge Coordinator

The Board of Directors of the IHSDTA have contracted with Ms. Kelly Berheide to serve as independent coordinator of judges for the IHSDTA. The Judge Coordinator is responsible for the recruiting, hiring, training, scheduling and evaluating of all IHSDTA judges. If you have any questions or comments concerning judging for the IHSDTA, please contact Ms. Berheide.

IHSDTA Judge Coordinator
Ms. Kelly Berheide
3719 Oak Ridge Drive
Elkhart, IN 46517

1Q. Who is responsible for recruiting, training, evaluating, and panel assignments for the IHSDTA?

1A. The IHSDTA has delegated these responsibilities to the Judge Coordinator’s office. The IHSDTA has taken great care to separate our judging community from board members and team directors. The judge coordinator position is a salaried position that is supported by host fees.

2Q. Who is responsible for hiring the judge coordinators?

2A. Any qualified individual may apply for the position of judge coordinator. The Judge Coordinator(s) must receive an affirmation vote from the team directors of the IHSDTA and BOD.

3Q. Who is responsible for maintaining financial records for judges and the Judge Coordinators?

3A Financial records of payments and expenditures are maintained by the assistant to the Judge Coordinator.  The assistant to the Judge Coordinator is responsible for invoicing host schools, collecting fees and issuing payment to all judges and the Judge Coordinator(s).

4Q. Where do the judges of the IHSDTA come from?

4A. Our judges are professionals from within the industry. All judges must be over age 23 and have no affiliation with an IHSDTA team for a period of three (3) years. We encourage all qualified judges to submit a resume and contact our Judge Coordinator(s) using the information provided above. Indiana uses judges from Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, New York, California, Florida, Kentucky and many other states. Potential judges are encouraged to submit their resume to our Judge Coordinator(s) using the information provided above.

5Q. Who can refer names as candidates for judging?

5A. Anyone! We encourage all IHSDTA team directors to refer qualified applicants to participate in our judging community. All applicants must be over age 21 and have no affiliation with an IHSDTA team for a period of three (3) years.