DL6R1552You’ve made it this far, now it’s time to join the exciting arena of IHSDTA competition!
Below you’ll find links for applications to 14 weeks of continuous contests throughout Indiana. Click on the first link to join the IHSDTA, because as you know, membership has its privileges!

Browse the selection of competition sites and simply download the application. Links are provided to contest hosts should you need more information. The IHSDTA sets the gold standard in competition hosting.  Known throughout the nation for providing its participants with an organized and seamless competition experience, the IHSDTA not only makes hosting and competing stress free, it publishes a thorough recap of scoring. With this timely information, improvements in your team’s performance are at your fingertips.

Our North and South Regionals are the prelude to one of the most highly competitive State competitions in the United States.  State is held in the 9,325 seat New Castle Fieldhouse just outside of Indianapolis, the largest high school gym in the world!