Board of Directors

The IHSDTA is an non-profit organization. The Board of Directors consist of representatives from our competing teams.  The voices of all participating teams are channeled through these representatives, and direction is established for the benefit of the teams whose students participate in the IHSDTA.

The daily administration of the IHSDTA is delegated by the Board of Directors to the Executive Board. Each member of the Executive Board shall also serve on the Board of Directors.

Kevin Mathis / Executive Board President

Jen Bay / Executive Board Vice President

Tami Haas/ Executive Board Secretary

Lisa Helmuth/Board Member At-Large

Cindi Minegar/ Member At-Large

Ellen Jones/Board Member At-Large


Vicki West/Board Member At-Large

Vicki West

Gina Gurl/ Board Member At-Large

Tamara Betz/Board Member At-Large